A completed contract is required with all Whole House inspections, please see the "Contract for Services" page above.  Also, please note the address to be inspected with your payment. Thank you 


Mold Sample

​                            $100.00 Each


Add on for home with a crawlspace

​              $40.00


Water Test, Bacteria

​                               $50.00

Home Inspections

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​choose "CHECK OUT", then enter your information and press pay

Please note the address of the home to be inspected with your payment. 


Misc Other Charge

​                                    $25.00


Onsite Mold Evaluation

(Included with a whole

house inspection) 

​                                     $75.00


Add on for travel over 25 miles

​              $20.00


Add on for more than one Heating and Cooling System



Water Test, Lead

​                                   $75.00

​​​First Home Inspection


Whole House Inspection

​              $240.00

Other Items


Add on for over 3000 square feet

​​              $20.00