Travel charge for over 20 miles up to 40 ​(Call for over 40 miles) +$20.00

Water test for lead (At the time of a whole house inspection) +$75.00

Mold Air testing, $100.00 per sample, call for a quote on your home. ​

Homes over 3000 square feet, including the basement +$20.00

A completed contract is required with all Whole House inspections, please see the "Contract for Services" page above.   

If you do not see a service listed for online payment please call.

​​​First Home Inspection

To pay with credit card, add all applicable items to your cart, on your cart page ​​choose "CHECK OUT", then enter your information and press pay

Water test for bacteria (At the time of a whole house inspection)+$50.00

Mold evaluation, no testing. (Included with the whole house inspection)  $75.00

Trip Charge or other services fee  $50.00

Whole House Inspection (See sample report for items included)   $240.00

  Additional charges below may be applicable, call with any questions

Home with more than 1 heating & cooling system +$20.00

​Home with a crawlspace +$40.00